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Survey of bridges

Survey of bridges are one of our special skills. The purpose of these is to clarify the bridges’ physical and functional conditions and to present a basis for planning and realisation of actions. Our employees have undergone special training under the management of The Swedish Transport Administration.¬†We are diving from our dykbuses / divetrailer alternatively from workboats .

There are a number of different kinds of inspections:

  • Continuous inspection
  • Review inspection
  • General inspection
  • Main inspection
  • Special inspection

Construction parts

In order to get the inspection structured various construction parts have been defined, these are:

Slopes and cones
Wing walls and retaining walls
Bearing facility
Main load carrying structures
Other load carrying structures
Bridge track plate
Edge beam
Cross-over constructions
Drainage system

Our customers

We have many years of experience of inspecting bridges for, among others:

  • The Swedish Transport Administration
  • Various municipalities
  • Construction and building companies