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Working method

Any background material is analysed in order to get a good understanding of the object. The object is measured and chartered using an electronic pressure transmitter and through ocular inspection. This can be complemented with video recordings or still photography.

Collected data is analysed, documented, and then presented in multidimensional drawings, as well as in explanatory text.

Based upon the documentation of the object, the person(s) in charge of maintenance can see changes and damages in the facility. Upon analysis of presented results in relation to the current operational situation, decisions regarding necessary measures and financial attidude may be taken.

Maintenance program

The maintenance program is designed to ensure safe and secure maintenance procedures. The purpose of this method is to obtain the lowest possible running costs with minimum interference in relation to a defined condition, and to maintain or increase the object’s technical status.

The content of a maintenance program could be, for example, as below:


  • Review of documentation from time of construction and administration
  • Professional analysis of existing material
  • Recurrent inspections with varying intervals and priorities
  • Documentation of inspection results in drawings
  • Analysis, measures and construction proposals for any changes
  • Emergency service

Pipe and cable investigations

Our subsea hydraulic caterpillar enables us to work in currents of up to approx. 2 knots. The “crawler” can be operated by divers or by remote control from the parent vessel depending on water depth. The equipment has been used during the annual inspections of the gas pipeline between Denmark and Sweden in √Ėresund.