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Database for harbour maintenance

In order to optimise maintenance and administration of capital relating to a port facility, a data base is an efficient tool to collect and present the opening values that form the basis for decisions for most situations arising in a port operation.

The maintenance department can be assisted with, for example:

Status evaluations
Maintenance program
Plant descriptions
Analysis of risks
Instruction books, instructions, etc
The administration department can be assisted with, for example:

Follow-up of projects
Follow-up of budgets
Requirement – Budgeting
Requirement – Stocks
Requirement – Future investments, etc

We have in a unique and longterm cooperation with, among others, Port of Helsingborg and Port of Halmstad, developed a special data base system for:

Status control

System build-up consists of the following parts:

Review of documentation from time of construction and administration
Planning of inspection procedures
Active investigations under water
Documentation of inspection results

The execution of active inspections is based upon material arising from the review of the documentation from time of construction and administration.

The inspection results are processed and presented, partly in writing and partly in digital form, and then placed in a port data base with the following facilities:

Structuring of existing maintenance operation
Report generators
Digital drawing archives with printout facility
Budget generator

The bases for the systematics are the requirements from various ports. However in order to be flexible and to ensure that the demands and requirements you might place on us are met, we will of course adjust our expertise and previously gained experience to fit your unique operation.